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Welcome to DigitalMind! :)

Here I'll write ideas and insights grown from hobby projects. They are all about 3D, games, interactive apps and Unity.

Currently I'm working on racing game. More details will be described later, topics are highlighted in this post.

R-r-r-racing :)

The following topics are collected from current and past projects. All or part of them will be described in next posts in details.

  1. Networking lags in high-speed ball game

  2. Thoughts about mobile controls for LAN mobile game

  3. Comparision between NN-based AI and analytical AI in realistic racing games

  4. Magic Unity WheelColliders :)

  5. Level-design thoughts about balancing between complexity and perfromance of racing game levels

  6. Notes about terrain rendering speed and slowdown factors

  7. Simple engine-transmission-axles-wheels model

  8. Simple interactive traffic system (almost) without rigidbodies

  9. Implementing bezier path adapters for EasyRoads3D

  10. How to implement necessary car engine sound and what can be sufficient

  11. Simple and dirty planar reflections for Unity URP :)

  12. Organize Final State Machine for drag racing game

  13. Record/replay - unobvious pitfalls

  14. Car lights without lights

  15. Limitation of vehicle AI with raycasting

Probably I'll cover "gathering" (find and rebuild) of 3D models and other resources.

  1. Where indies can get 3D models and how to align all of them to single quality

  2. Differences between working with professional sounds and free way of youtube grabber :)

  3. Easy way to get terrain/grass/tree textures and what will be enough for "wow" levels

Below are the screenshots from current racing project.

Almost the begining - training analytical AI
More training to pass the track with the best speed
Training MLAgents to avoid obstacles
Trying to persuit AI
AI found better dirty way :)
Current progress - recorded race

URP and PostProcessing for the sense of speed

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