Hi! I like everything related to 3D graphics, interactive apps and games

I'm working in Soft Dev for a lot of time: C++, Java, C#. Almost of all commercial projects were web projects. So 3D/games/tools remains as hobby - no requirements, no deadlines, I can do what I want here :)

My interest in 3D growth from 1990x from first 3D wireframe games on ZX Spectrum. My first hobby projects were implemented in the beginning of 2000x. It was mostly FPS 3D engines with tools like 3ds files import, open world level design tools, universal renderers for OpenGL/DirectX etc.

Later in the end of 2000x I got idea about mix of 3D FPS and two player ball game and found Unity in the same time :) Project still on private github repo and not completed, but there were interesting researches about Mobile UX and lag compensation for network games.

Currently I'm working on racing game, details and video will be in posts on this site.

Current skills and interests related to 3D/gamedev: basic CG alghorithms, AI, level design, 3D modelling, C#, in-game sound engines and design, patterns and simple supportable solutions.